High security locks are locks designed with additional measures to minimize the risks associated with them. They are commonly used in industrial applications such as power facilities, ships, banks, telecommunications offices and other facilities where high levels of security are critical. However, they are also found in residential areas, particularly those that are highly targeted by home burglaries and vandalism. While many locks sold today are marketed as high-security locks, only those which have passed a long series of tests by independent security experts, locksmiths, manufacturers and other security enthusiasts are thought to be high-security locks.

One of the best locks known to have been developed for high security is the Medeco Intellicore Tumbler. This tumbler lock comes with advanced braking mechanisms such as key-assisted or electronic jamming. It is designed with tamper resistant metal linings and is guaranteed to provide proper protection from unauthorized access. The tamper resistance is provided not only to the tumbler itself, but also to the entire lock assembly, its keys and the operation mechanism itself. Other high security locks offered by Medeco are also designed with tamper resistant components and other forms of protection such as double-sided tape and holograms. With these features, it is easy to see why the quality of these high security locks is so important.

Another lock with features found in high security locks is the Schlage Primus Presto. The prime model offers users enhanced security features through the use of smart cards that contain customer information. The card can only be accessed with the help of an ID and it is guaranteed to give users access to areas that they can access themselves, making this form of smart card access among the most secure available.

One aspect of high security locks that many people forget about is the deadbolt. Most people do not put much thought into the installation of a deadbolt on their doors. However, it is one of the most important features of a door lock system and the presence of a strong, sturdy deadbolt ensures that criminals will not be able to enter a business owner’s property uninvited. It can be installed using hardware that is usually sold for this purpose. In fact, installing a deadbolt is actually more affordable than upgrading the existing locks and keys.

Another important feature in high security locks is the drill-proof locking system. While this may sound like a strange choice for locks, this technology actually serves a number of purposes. First, if burglars are able to drill a hole in a lock using standard hammers, the pins within the system will bend or break. If a lock is properly manufactured, it can withstand hundreds of drilling attempts before the pins simply crumble. This is another reason why installing locks with drill-proof casings is a good idea.

The final two major features to look for when purchasing doors for commercial properties are tamper evident and double-zero locking. Tamper evident seals prevent a locksmith from being able to open the door. These features can also be used on exterior doors that need extra protection from forced entry. Double-zero locking is a type of locking that requires both pins to be present on the door for security; double-zero locks prevent the pins from being turned down because of a key that has been duplicated.

High Security Locks for Commercial Properties