Physical Therapy Career

Physical Therapist is a trained therapist who works with people who are physically impaired and requires physical activities to perform day to day activities such as carrying out personal hygiene, working, eating, dressing up or sleeping. A Physical Therapist, also called physiotherapists, is one of several allied healthcare professions that, using scientific research, therapy prescription, exercise intervention, kinesiology and rehabilitation, helps patients achieve good health and well being.

Physical Therapist

The Medical Director of a physical therapy practice, generally has an academic qualification in medicine or allied health sciences or a doctorate degree in physical therapy from an approved institution or medical school or institution in the United States of America. As part of their medical training, Physical Therapists also undergo courses in physical therapy management, education, diagnosis, treatment methods, and supervision. However, it is important to note that each physical therapy practice is unique and so are the requirements for their employees, thus it is essential that you find out what is expected of you from a Physical Therapist prior to taking on a case.

Physical therapists are primarily employed in hospitals and healthcare settings such as rehabilitation facilities, nursing homes, senior centers and long term care facilities. In most instances, it is recommended that Physical Therapists should have a master’s degree in physical therapy from a recognized institution and should be licensed in order to practice this profession in this state.

Physical Therapists normally hold a full or part time job, however, some of them work on an as-needed basis. These jobs may range from supervising physical therapy treatment or conducting physical therapy treatments, to attending to patient appointments.

Choosing a physical therapy career path can be very fulfilling. Most Physical Therapists are involved in helping their patients to reach the fullest potential by engaging them in regular physical activity, educating them about nutrition therapy, teaching them to live an active lifestyle and encourage them in their hobbies. In fact, the profession is highly valued throughout the country for its contribution to the public’s health and well being and in the country’s ability to treat a wide variety of conditions. A Physical Therapist is required to provide ongoing quality care to patients and is considered an important contributor to society.

Prior to becoming a physical therapist, it is important that you thoroughly research your chosen physical therapy practice, its history and objectives, and the duties that they require of its employees. Also, it is recommended that you visit a physical therapy facility to see the facilities available in action and see if they meet your particular needs. You may also want to attend a physical therapy class to get a feel for what life is like before considering a career as a Physical Therapist.

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