What exactly is neurological physical therapy? Neurological physical therapy is different than treating a muscle sprain or sprained ankle. Neurotherapy also includes disorders, injuries, and illnesses associated with the brain and nervous system. There are two main types of neurotherapy: cognitive and motor. This article will discuss these two types in greater detail.

Motor neurotherapy focuses on improving movement, coordination, and balance. It utilizes exercises and stretches to improve motor control. A physical therapist can also help patients with physical disorders by working with these specific motor functions. The goal of this type of rehabilitation is to restore function to people who have suffered from some kind of a motor disease or condition. This is often used in conjunction with cognitive rehabilitation.

Cognitive rehabilitation is focused on increasing the patients’ ability to process and recall information. One of the main goals of cognitive rehabilitation is learning how to change patterns of thinking. For instance, if a patient has difficulty grasping directions, the therapist may ask questions that help the patient learn how to identify different instructions. Once the patient has mastered these skills, he or she will be able to recall information from memory and make decisions based on the information learned. The goal is to teach the patient how to make better use of his or her memory. It’s important to note that this type of rehabilitation is not primarily meant to correct bad habits, although it can help patients overcome such problems. Instead, cognitive rehabilitation focuses on improving the patient’s ability to think more clearly and use his or her memory effectively.

A neurological rehabilitation center can also help patients deal with post-traumatic stress and depression. The center staff can provide cognitive rehabilitation and exercise for patients who have been through trauma, while working with the therapists to learn how to cope with their symptoms. While the therapy center specializes in helping people overcome neurological disorders, patients are also often sent home with an exercise ball to use while at home.

A rehabilitation center may also work with patients who have suffered from a spinal cord injury. This type of rehabilitation focuses on addressing the rehabilitation needs of patients, focusing on reducing pain and restoring normal movement.

If you are interested in receiving rehabilitative care for your individual or family member, contact your local rehabilitation center. to learn more about the many services available to you and about the programs and therapies offered.

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